It’s no secret that Birmingham, Alabama, nicknamed the “Magic City”, is an enchanting place. Named for its exponential population increase and robust industrial growth in the 1880s, Birmingham is rich with innovative enterprise. Magic City Farms is no different. MCF, established in 2019, is a minority owned and operated Hemp Farm located in Western Jefferson County, Alabama. Wedged between the Magic City and its influential counterpart, Bessemer “the Marvel City”, Alabama, Magic City Farms stands on a creative and resilient foundation.

MCF is among the country’s first to embark on the nascent CBD Hemp and Cannabis industry, receiving our first grower’s license in 2019, shortly after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. From its early inception, founder and CEO Joseph May knew that Magic City Farms would be nothing short of a wonder. After spending a substantial amount of time understanding and navigating the agricultural industry, Joseph knew that he wanted to cultivate a more dynamic legacy. A Birmingham native, Joe understands the diversity and potential of the city. Since its inception, Birmingham has always been the epicenter of industrial and economic evolution, producing bold risk-takers who advance their industries. With this in mind, leveraging his agricultural experience to create a unique niche with hemp was almost a no-brainer.

It’s no secret that success is often preceded by failure. That’s according to Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation and chairman of the National Geographic Society. He believed that failure could teach you very important life lessons that ultimately shape your career trajectory. Before MCF, Joseph had his fair share of life lessons. Some ventures led to success; others taught him valuable lessons. It was in his growing passion for agriculture and the desire for giving back to his communities, however, that Joe realized his purpose was in the hemp industry. Enters Magic City Farms!

MCF has over five years of growing experience with more traditional crops such as fruits and vegetables. This high level of expertise hasn’t come without its fair share of trial and error, however. In fact, it is through trial and error, that MCF has been able to tailor the customer experience and adapt to any condition. Magic City Farms personifies quality. From our seeds and soil, to our growers, processors and products, everything we do is done with the end user in mind. We pride ourselves on delivering a powerful and customer-centric product. Our focus is people and their pets who expect to receive the SOUTH’S FINEST QUALITY HEMP. Period.

As we are growing and envisioning a country where everyone believes in and benefits from the medicinal properties inherent to cannabis, we invite you to take part in this exciting journey!