Breast Cancer Awareness and MCF

Life doesn’t come with a manual and no one ever tells you how to process death. Grief looks different on everyone. The emotional toll that a terminal disease has on a family is immense. I watched my mother take her last breath. I held her hand as she transitioned from this physical realm. And although

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A Message from Our CEO

(no copyright infringement is intended) I am from a place that many people refer to as the deep south; the “Magic City” of Birmingham, AL. In the early 1900s Birmingham was known as the Pittsburgh of the South. Like “The Steel City,” the city of Birmingham saw an industrial boom after the Civil

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Memorial Day with CBD Honey

Memorial Day is here, and we want to help you make this one as memorable as ever! And what better way to spice up the holidays than to highlight our fan favorite, Magic City Farms CBD Honey! Yes, honey!!! Our honey is infused with full-spectrum CBD extract containing naturally occurring

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Cinco de Hiyo

It is finally that time of the year again, and although we may all be celebrating it a little differently (Darn you Corona!), you can still make the most out of this festive time. Cinco de Mayo marks the day that the Mexican army defeated the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla i 1862.

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Welcome to Magic City Farms!

It’s no secret that Birmingham, Alabama, nicknamed the “Magic City”, is an enchanting place. Named for its exponential population increase and robust industrial growth in the 1880s, Birmingham is rich with innovative enterprise. Magic City Farms is no different. MCF, established in 2019, is a minority owned and operated Hemp Farm located in Western

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